Cutie pie Allu Arha turns 6!

Allu Arjun dotes on his daughter and shared a video wishing her a happy brithday

The Icon Star wrote -Happy Birthday to the cuteness of my life.

She is seen telling him a story about how the bees were chased away.

Allu Arha shares her fear of bees as she is afraid they might enter her hair.

Allu Arha with elder brother Allu Ayaan.

Posing in a pattu pavada with mom Allu Sneha .

Walking with thathagaru Allu Arvind and grandma behind.

One of those rare pics, sitting in the lap of the Megastar Chiranjeevi!

Allu Arha will soon be introduced as a child artist playing the role of Prince Bharata in Sakuntalam.She will be the 4th gen actress after grandfather Allu Ramalingaiah!

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